miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

PEEPING GODIVA (Work in Progress)

Peeping Godiva is a research about Exhibitionism and the relation that has with the voyeurism.

First of all I got really interested in the Internet users that record themselves and hang it on Video Channels on Internet (Like: Youtube). There's a lot of people recording themselves, with the wish to be seeing. At some point, they are exhibionist...But they don't know who is seeing them, they don't know who will watch them, and either if they are gonna to be watch.

Exhibionist has the clear point, that is the action of somebody or character that likes to show themselves...it could be from a physical point of view or a behave point of view, a way to talk, etc....

For the first step in the reseach, I got interested in the "non-personal" point of the exhibitionism and how objectify one own.

Then I connect with the act to perform. Each performer (at some level) is a exhibionist. Is a persona that wants to show something to the people, and they go to stage and they enjoy the fact of beeing seeing...if nobody would be there, the performer wouldn't perform. Going further on this, I found the connection between the theme that I'm trying to research with the fact to perform really close. But I wanted to make a difference between booth. In that case, and how I'm thinking to work it (and before I get into this question), the exhibionist from Internet is a persona that doesn't know who is watching and the fact of time is not important in this matter...could be that they're been watch for somebody 4 years ago after the person made it. . Another difference, is from where we're sharing our body towards the watcher (the voyeur) and wich is the intention. How we use our body and with wich porpouses....

This is a Work in Progress and I would be glad to know your opinions and to have some exchange of impressions in the matter.